Midjourney Subscription Pricing & Plan Cost | Explained Guide

Do you want to subscribe midjourney ai? Text to Ai art generator tool. You are reached at right place. In this article, I have provided all possible information about mid-journey subscription costs, plan prices, and how you can subscribe to it. In addition, you can also learn how to unsubscribe from a MJ plan.

Mid journey Price | Detailed Guide To Its Subscription Cost & Worth

What is Mid-journey AI and How Does It Work?

First of all, let me describe some amazing facts about midjourney AI and how it generates images from a text prompt. Midjourney is mindblowing AI software that can generate almost all types of art from a text prompt. Its bot uses advanced algorithms to transform your ideas into stunning visual art. If you are well known, it is good, But if you are a beginner, you will need to learn how to use it. Don’t worry; the tool has a great interface and contains several feathers and useful guidelines for its user.

midjourney basic plan

Is Midjourney Subscription Worth It?

Before you go ahead and subscribe to a plan, You should explore its essential to evaluate its worth. Midjourney offers its service with several feathers and benefits. There are four plans that midjourney offers; basic, standard, pro, and mega. All plans have different features and costs. You can pick any plan according to your budget and needs. Read the following point that can help to make a final decision about its subscription.

1. Endless Creative Possibilities: Midjourney is one the king Ai art generator software that can easily transform your ideas into real life. Besides it, you can use its generated art for commercial purposes with a private subscription plan.

2. Time and Effort Saving: How much time would you require to draw an artwork manually? It’s midjourney that has finally made it possible within a few seconds. It can convert your given text prompt into artwork in a short while. But, if you have an idea for a specific design, then you must give the right prompt to get your work done without wasting your time with the bot.

3. Unique and Personalized Art: The midjourney bot generates a unique artwork based on your given imagine prompt. Due to its uniqueness, MJ is getting more than 35+ million web traffic worldwide on a daily base. A subscriber can also upload his own photos and turn them into personalized artwork.

Can You get Midjourney free trial?

The tool owner offers free trials to let the people use it and find out its worth. midjourney also offered free trials to its user with a duration of 25 minutes only. MJ gained huge popularity worldwide in a short time, But Unfortanulaty, Midjourney had to stop offering a free trial due to huge traffic and misbehaving of new users. MJ CEO David Holz, confirmed that they have stopped free trials because of the massive influx of fresh users. They notice several people are only using their free trials with multiple accounts.

Guide to Help You Deciding If Midjourney Subscription Is Required

While the Midjourney free trial is not available, You may still require some additional information about its subscription plans. Let me describe to you what features and benefits a subscriber can get. Here are a few more factors to consider that may help to decide on purchasing a plan.

1. Access to Premium Features: A paid subscriber can unlock tools’ premium features, such as a private server, generate images with a high quality resolution, and access to midjourney latest versions V4 and V5.1. With a basic monthly plan, a subscriber can get access to almost all features except stealth and relax image generation mode because it is only available in standard and pro plans.

2. Expanded Artistic Opportunities: By purchasing a subscription plan, you would further get more opportunities to create your art, like designs, themes, seamless patterns, tiles, and much more. This enables you to explore the world of AI art to create even more diverse and captivating artwork by just giving the bot a text prompt.

3. Customer Support: Midjourney customer care service is committed to excellence. The paid subscribers can get prior support to address their issues.

I hope the above given information helped you to make a final decision. let us explore its cost and features.

Midjourney Plan: Cost & Features Details

Midjourny offers four different paid plans, each plan containing different prices and features. You can subscribe to any of them according to your requirements. Let me explore its plan’s features, costs, and benefits.

You have two billing options monthly and yearly. Monthly plans are more costly as compared to yearly plans, but you may feel comfortable choosing monthly billing. If you want to purchase a plan for business purposes, choose the yearly billing option because you save 20% with the yearly billing option.

Unfortunately, midjourney do not offer promo code at the right time. You can only get a discount by selecting the yearly billing option. Following is complete detail about its plans price and features.

1. Basic Plan

Ist Plan
  • Cost With Monthly Billing: 10$ per month
  • Cost With Yearly Billing: 8$/ per month
  • Free Trial: Nil
  • Fast hours: 3.3h
  • Concurrent fast job: 3
  • Relaxed Mode: Nil
  • Stealth Mode: Nil
  • Image limit: 200
  • Gallery access: Yes
  • Commercial Terms: Yes

2. Standard Plan

2nd Plan
  • Cost With Monthly Billing: 30$ per month
  • Cost With Yearly Billing: 24$/ per month
  • Free Trial: Nil
  • Image Limit: 15 fast hours
  • Concurrent fast job: 3
  • Relaxed Mode: Unlimited
  • Stealth Mode: Nil
  • Image limit: 900
  • Gallery access: Yes
  • Commercial Terms: Yes

3. Pro Plan

3rd Plan
  • Cost With Monthly Billing: 60$ per month
  • Cost With Yearly Billing: 48$ per month
  • Free Trial: Nil
  • Fast hours: 30h
  • Concurrent fast job: 12
  • Relaxed Mode: Unlimited
  • Stealth Mode: Enabled
  • Image limit: 1800
  • Gallery access: Yes
  • Commercial Terms: Yes

4. Mega Plan

4rth Plan
  • Cost With Monthly Billing: 120$ per month
  • Cost With Yearly Billing: 96$ per month
  • Free Trial: Nil
  • Fast hours: 60h
  • Concurrent fast job: 12
  • Relaxed Mode: Unlimited
  • Stealth Mode: Enabled
  • Image limit: 3600
  • Gallery access: Yes
  • Commercial Terms: Yes

How to Subscribe to Midjourney AI: Step by Step Guide

Finally, you have made a decision to get a subscription plan; now, we are at the point. How to get a mid-journey subscription plan? First of all, you need an MJ account; let’s create an account. Follow the given simple steps,

  1. Go to the mid-journey official website.
  2. Click on sign up and provide the necessary information, email, username, and password.
  3. Check your email inbox and confirm your account.
  4. Click on Purchase a Plan.
  5. Choose a billing option, monthly or yearly. Midjourney offers four different plans, basic, standard, pro, and mega.
  6. Click on subscribe to a plan option.
  7. You will be asked to add payment details. Provide payment details and wait for a while.
  8. Once your subscription is confirmed, you will be able to transform your artistic dream into life. Enjoy it wisely.

Helpful Tips To Protect Your Plan Credit From Wasting

Well, You have purchased a plan, and now what to do next if you are a beginner. Don’t forget the tool is an AI machine, and it generates art based on your text prompt. Consider if you are able to write a good prompt, it is well, but if your prompt does not meet with criteria, you may not get a final art according to your wish. To protect your plan image generation credit, read the following given pro mid-journey prompts tips before get starting with MJ.

1. Prompt writing: Try to write a simple prompt that can help the bot understand easily. If you don’t know how to write a prompt, then you should use the best prompt writer tool.

2. Navigate: Before prompting, it will be best for you to start navigating the feature and know what else mid-journey offers that can be helpful for you.

3. Join Community: Midjourney has millions of users worldwide, join any general or newbie channel and explore how people are using the tool.

4. Try search option: Midjourney server has a search option. Search your ideal keyword in the search bar and consider how people are using the keyword in the prompt.

4. Tutorial Guide: Watch tutorial guide videos on youtube and learn how to use midjouney effectively.

6. Try an image prompt: If you want to generate art about a specific idea, try an image prompt to get a good result.

7. Use /describe command: If you are in confusion about writing a prompt for your dream art, Try /describe command and let midjourney write prompts for you.

How to Cancel Midjourney Subscription

What to do, If you have decided to cancel your Midjourney subscription, it is very simple, follow the given steps:

  • Log in to your Midjourney account using your browser.
  • You can also visit your login page with Discord, type /info command, and click on “go to your feed.”
  • Find out the ‘manage your subscription’ option.
  • Click on cancel your plan.
  • Confirm plan unsubscription.
  • Check your email and confirm that unsubscription mail has been received.

Midjourney Refund Policy

If you have used your plan up to 20%, then you are eligible to get a refund. Keep in mind when you decide to unsubscribe from a plan, Midjourney gives you two options.

1. Cancel at the end of the subscription period.

2. Cancel immediately with a refund.

Tick the “cancel immediately with the refund” option to get get your back in your account

FAQs On Midjourney Subscription Cost

Q: Is Midjourney free or not?

Midjourney is a completely paid tool. It does not offer a free trial right now.

Q: How can I get a Midjourney private plan?

To get a mid journey private account, you will need to create an account and subscribe to a plan to get started with the text to AI art generator tool.

Q: Does Midjourney AI cost money?

Yes, midjourney costs money. It offers four different plans, basic 10$, Standard 30$, pro 60& and mega 120$. You also can get 20% off by choosing the yearly billing option.

Q: What is Midjourney’s high-quality 2x cost?

If you want to create a high resolution image, midjourney will charge 2x extra cost for each image.

Q: How can I cancel my Midjourney subscription?

To cancel your Midjourney subscription, type /info command and press enter on Discord, then click “go to your feed” option. Find the “manage subscription option,” select your current plan and hit cancel the plan.

Q: How can I get midjourney promo code?

Currently, Midjourney doesn’t offer a promo code facility. However, you can save up to 20% off money with a yearly billing option.

Q: How can I fix my Midjourney subscription not working?

If you have purchased a plan, and the charges have been deducted from your account. You will further need to create an account on Discord and then invite midjourney bot on Discord. Still, your subscription is not working; contact MJ support.


Midjourney is an advanced AI model that creates awesome, mind-blowing artwork from a text prompt. It will be profitable for your business if you are an AI artist. And if you are a newbie, you should find and learn MJ guide tutorials in order to manage your account setting and for prompts guidelines. I hope you liked my information about the Midjourney subscription price and plan cost. Please let me know in the comment section if you require some additional information about any plan. Thanks for reading this post.

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