Midjourney Job ID | How to Find and Use

How to find a job id of your mid-journey generated image? In this guide, I will explain to you, what is a job id and how you can find it. In addition, you can also know how MJ /show command can help you to make versions and remaster your old image.

How To Get Midjourney Job ID Of An Image And How You Can Use /show Command To Improve It

Midjourney /show command can help you, to improve your old image using the latest version V 5.1. For improving it, you must have a job id of an image.

What is Midjourney job id?

Job id is basically a special key of a mid-journey generated image. Every day peoples generate thousands of images, and MJ bot creates a special image identification key for every image, just like an image URL that is totally different from another one.

2. Why The Job ID is Important For You?

For example, you have created a lot of images using midjourney different versions, v3 or v4. Now you want to improve these images using the latest costly version, v5 or v5.1. You just require a job id of your old image to improve it with the latest version. Job id is like a special key that helps you find and continue working on your old images.

How To Get Job ID Of An Image

There are two ways to get the job ids, seed numbers, and prompts of your images.

1. Using Discord

You can easily get your job id while using Discord but remember that you can only get a job id of your own generated art, not of an image that was created by anyone else. To get the Id, follow the following steps.

  • Right click on the image and then click on “add reaction.”
  • Now click on a normal “envelop.” This envelope is shown like an emoji.
  • This reaction will convey the midjourney bot to send you the job id of your image

Check your DMs to find the conversation with the midjourney bot. The bot response has clear information about the image, including job id and seed number.

2. Using Midjourney App

This is another easy way to see the job ids of all your images in your gallery. Take the following few steps to find them,

  • Log to your account on midjourney web app
  • On the home page, you will see all of your images.
  • Click on any of the images that you want to see the job id.
  • Click on three dots (…)
  • Click on the job id, click on “copy,” and then click on the “job-id” to copy it.

how to get midjourney job id

How To Improve An Image Using Job ID And /show Command

Now, the job id is copied into your computer clipboard, and it’s time to improve it. First of all, confirm that you have selected the midjourney latest version in the setting. To conform type /setting and select the latest version V 5.1. Take the following few steps to improve the old image using the latest version.

  • Type /show leave a space
  • Past your job id that you have copied
  • Press enter.

Midjourney bot will show your image, and now you can easily make variations and zoom out the image. You can also drag the image in the prompts section to do more with it.

How To Remaster Of An Old Image?

You may also want to remaster your image to see the latest experimental computer programs on your old picture. To remaster an image, do the following,

1. Type /show and paste the job id of any of your image and press enter.

2. Midjourny will show you the image; you will see a remaster option button associated with your image.

3. Click on remaster option to make different variations of your picture.

4. Compare the remastered image with the original one and see how the latest version makes changes in an image.


That’s all, These options can help you to find not only the job id but you can also get the seed number and prompts of your old images. I hope you like this informative article; please leave a comment if you have any additional questions about this topic.

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