How to Fix Midjourney “Failed To Process Your Command :c” Error

Midjourney is an AI art generator tool, that generates art based on users’ text prompts. While using this tool, you may face an error “Failed to Proceed Your Command :c” This error commonly happens because of an issue with the Discord application or mid-journey server. If you are facing the issue, keep up reading this article. I am going to share tips and tricks, how you can solve this type of error within five minutes or less. Let’s fix the error.

5 Solutions To Fix Midjourney Command Failed To Proceed Error | Step By Step Guide

Following are a few steps to learn how to resolve the error.

Solution 1. Resubmit Your Command

Try submitting the command again, sometimes this error happens for a while because the server may be down for a while and starts working again. If the error is not resolved, try the following step

Solution 2. Check Server Status

The next to do is, check the status of both the Midjourney and Discord servers. Take the following few steps for checking the status of these servers.

1. Discord Server Status: Go to your Discord application server page and see the status of the server. if you observe a red indicator, it is due to an issue with the server. If you found your server status is ok, then go to the Midjourney server.

2 Midjourney Server Status: Now check the status of Midjourney server, and repeat the same practice again. Ensure the server is working.

You can also check the status directly in your browser by typing or

how to check midjourney and discord server status

You can also check the server status by just typing in Google “Is Midjourney down” or “Is Discord down”. The main reason for this error is server down. But if both servers are working fine and you are still facing the same problem?. There are a few more causes that may cause the issue. Check the following steps for a solution.

Solution 3. Restart the Discord Application

Discord application can also cause problems itself, so the best you need to restart the application to turn it functional. Take the following step to restart the app. Following are the three easy ways to restart the Discord application.

how restart discord application on pc

How To Restart Discord Application?

1. For PC Users:

  • Quit the Discord server.
  • Go to the files, where you have installed the app > app data > clear cache, code cache, GPU cache.
  • Also, empty your recycle bin file.

2. Brower:

  • Quit Discord
  • Clear browser cache and cookies also clear cached image files
  • Join Again

3. Mobile User

If you are using the Discord app on iPhone or Android, try the same method, quit discord, go to the app manager, clear all data and check again

Tried all the above methods and still facing the issue.? There is another solution that you should try.

Solution 4. Leave and Rejoin the Midjourney Server

It is just like leaving a group and then joining it again. Take the following easy step,

midjourney prompt not working solution

1. Leave Server

  • Open midjourny server
  • At the right side of the bot name, click on the down arrow button
  • As the menu is opened, at last, click on leave server
  • Conform leave server

2. Rejoin Server

  • Go to the,
  • Click join the beta
  • Click on Accept invite

Now, the error is resolved check /imagine command, it will work properly.

FAQs: Troubleshooting Midjourney Errors

1. Why is my Midjourney command not working?

The most common reason is server down, simply check the status. If it is indicating the server is down, wait until it turns functional. In case the status of bserver is fine then try clearing the cache and cookies file and restart the discord app again.

2. What does “failed to process your command” mean?

Failing to proceed with the command means, your submitted command could not proceed due to any error or reason.

3. Why is Midjourney stuck on “waiting to start”?

Midjourney bot may be stuck on waiting due to internet connection issues, or server overload issues. To resolve refresh the page, check the internet connection, or restart the discord application.


There 80% chance of the midjourney “failed to proceed command :c” is due to the server being down. Another reason internal issue with the Discord app. These all were the possible solution for this error. If you still have any questions regarding this error, please feel free to share us in the comment section.

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