Midjourney Blender | How To Blend Two Images

Midjourney is a computer-based Artificial intelligence tool that can create stunning art by just giving a text prompt. It has several fantastic features for users, but you might know about the “/blend command.” With the help of this command, you can combine multiple pictures to make new and unique art. In This article, I will talk about how to blend multiple images using mid-journey.

What is Midjourney /blend?

Image blending is a command in mid-journey ai, where you can upload two or more images to the midjourney, and the MJ bot will combine the characteristics of these uploaded pictures to make a new interesting image using its artificial intelligence technique. For example, you upload two photos featuring “a charming young lady wearing a white shirt” and one more picture of “Batman.” The MJ AI bot will mix the two and produce an outcome like a “youngster wearing Batman’s reinforcement with the Batman logo on the shirt” and some of the time even out more interesting like “the Batman girl wearing a cap.”

midjourney blend image example

How To Use Midjourney /blend Command

If you want to blend your favorite images using midjourney, first of all, you should have an account on midjourney. If you are a beginner, you must visit its official website and subscribe to its plan to begin your artistic journey. Following are two useful methods that you can follow for image blending with mid-journey.

Method 1: The /blend Command

1. Type /blend in the prompt message box and press Enter

2. Now will see two options to upload images from your computer.

3. Upload your image one by one. You can upload up to five images at a time.

4. When you upload all images, press enter.

5. The bot will start its job to blend both images and generate a unique one.

6. You can get a perfect result by uploading images with the same aspect ratio.

Method 2: Blend images using imagine prompt

1. On the midjourney discord server, simply type /imagine

2. Provide links to images that you want to blend

3. Add a space between image URLs

4. Add some text like, a short description of your desired art, like anime style, hyperrealistic

5. Press enters; now, you will have a unique art relevant to your uploaded images.

Additional Image Blending Tips

1. Upload your images with the same aspect ratio.

2. Upload png format images

3. Define –ar for your desired outcome image

4. Do not add additional text when using the blend command

5. If you want to add emotions to your art, use imagine prompt option and add emotion at the end of the prompt.


Midjourney /blend command works like an image prompt, but it is very easy to use. You can blend up to five images at a time. It can take some extra time to complete your request, but it is a thrilling option to create new and innovative art. I hope you like this article; Please let me know in the comment section for any additional help regarding this topic.

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